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Day 103, 104, and 105

Ugh. 103: I'm grateful for s "Souper" simple taco soup! So yummy and easy to make.  104: I'm grateful for testing days when I'm feeling meh and don't have to be on camera for 6 hours a day. ( Should be 7 but some teachers don't do meeting for their class. ) 105: I never thought I would say this but I'm grateful for cauliflower pizza crust. We got pizza from Al's pizza and it was so  good. Well be ordering from them again. 

Day 102

I'm grateful for a supportive partner. Tonight the chicken was dry, but not one complaint. Even when I complained, he still said, "It's good." it wasn't good, it was dry....very dry. We had roasted potatoes, carrots and Brussel sprouts to go along with my dry chicken which made up for a lot. 

Day 101

I'm grateful for fresh veggies. I roasted some green beans for lunch today and they were so yummy! Who ever would have thought I'd be roasting veggies for lunch?!? 

Day 100

I'm grateful for science! Today we are two weeks since our second dose of the Pfizer. Fully activated!! Woo hoo πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰ We went out and did some errands. UPS to drop off Nespresso pods to be recycled,  Goodwill to drop off to huge bags full of clothes, and then just drove around about with the moon roof open for some vitamin d. We even went inside  Jersey Mike's to order our lunch to go. It was a good day. 

Day 99

Today I'm grateful for taking a nap right after dinner. 2 hours of food coma, shake the week off, bliss!

Day 98

Today I'm grateful for Kodiak Pancake cups (gluten free). A quick a delicious breakfast, I'm my opinion.

Day 96 & 97

 96: Horrible headache when going to make dinner.  The chopped sweet potato bag wasn't sealed and potato bits when flying everywhere.  What was left smelled off.  Jerry jumped in to help as I was having a horrible headache and took over the veggies for dinner.  We have a lovely pork tenderloin with his potato and carrot roasted yumminess.  I'm grateful that he always has my back. 97:  We are testing this week at school.  So for the virtual students and me it's a lot of independent work and no live meetings.  I'm happy I'm home though.  I am still not feeling 100%.  I don't know if it's a sinus, or ear infection, or just allergies.  Either way, I'm grateful for sitting in my little faux classroom today. 

Day 94 & 95

 94: I'm grateful for sleeping in. I woke up at 10:30, and it was great!  I love the weekends that I actually do that. 95: It's Monday, and honestly, I'm feeling meh.  But, it's also maid day.  I'm grateful that we have maid service, even if it isn't always convenient for them to be here.

Day 93

I woke up to breakfast cooked by my darling husband. Roasted potatoes, eggs with spinach and cheese, and kielbasa sausage...I'm so lucky. Today I'm grateful for those little things (not so little really) that he does out of love. 

Day 92

I napped today. I was super sleepy around 2pm so I put on Star Wars: A New Hope and was asleep before Luke made his appearance. I'm grateful for afternoon naps!

Day 89, 90, & 91

89: Lucked out of cooking and got some fajita nachos. I'm grateful for food delivery services. 90: We were out of ground beef so i used Instacart and got some groceries. I don't miss shopping. Again, grateful for shopping/delivery services. 91: Grateful for a doctor that sometimes actually listens to me. My TSH was 13.19 so we are going to try a Tirosint Solution @ 200 mcg.