Day 23

This morning Jerry was going to get his haircut, and we thought his car was fine because he started it yesterday, but the battery was dead. Thankfully we have two cars, and my car just came back from the shop to get all fixed up because it was going dead because when you don't drive your car because of the pandemic, it needs some TLC. So I'm thankful we had two cars today.

Day 22

 Friday...finally.  Today I'm grateful for upcoming weekends.  They hold such potential.  Yes, I usually don't end up doing much because of the pandemic. The weather will be clear but cool on Saturday, so maybe some porch time during the sunny hours. Fresh air is always good.  Sunday looks a little wet, but that's good for watching some TV or gaming.

Day 21

Some days it's harder for me to pick what grateful for...There are so many things. The purpose of this excercise is to focus myself. I'm grateful for my work. I'm interpreter in an educational setting for deaf and hard of hearing students. I love what I do. It's neat to see the minds develop over the years. I love American Sign Language (ASL) and respect the deaf and hard of hearing community. This career was a late in life choices and I'm thankful that I was able to follow that nagging calling to become an interpreter. 

Day 20

I'm grateful to be a United States of America citizen today!  The Inauguration was amazing. Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris!!!!

Day 19

Tonight I watched as President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris were are the Lincoln memorial to remember the 400,000 lives lost to the Coronavirus. I voted as the nurse sang "Amazing Grace" just as she does for her patients. I am in awe of the flags that represent the 200,000 people who would attend tomorrow's Inauguration of we weren't in the middle of a pandemic. The glow of the lights in the reflection pool are a somber reminder of just how much we have lost. Diy what do I have to be grateful for? The hope of healing, the hope of positivity, and the hope for a smooth transition to a new administration tomorrow. 

Day 18

Feeling anxious for the inauguration on the 20th. In my heart I know it will all be okay...I tend to worry. I have been breaking out in hives all weekend. So as silly as this sounds, I'm grateful for benedryl and it's "my skin is on fire" soothing abilities. 

Day 17

I'm grateful for cat snuggles. I'm not the favorite in the house, Jerry has that all wrapped up.  Any snuggles I get are appreciated.