Day 128, 129 & 130

128: Grateful for vaccines and my confidence level. Went into two stores! 129: Grateful for Jerry. 130: Grateful for delivery services. Groceries are done. Amazon has enough food for Nutmeg for a couple of months.  (Oops 😳)

Day 127

 I'm grateful I have Jerry to talk to about "stuff".   It seems like everyone else has put me on the backburner.  Okay..maybe not but it's how I feel.

Day 124, 125, & 126 *sigh*

124: I'm grateful for yummy green beans from our local farms.  125: I'm grateful for "permission" to finish a series without Jerry. The Expanse season 5 was good! 126: Grateful for my job and the ability to do some personal development. I learned how to sign Immune system, pathogens...also watched Atomic Hands on how the COVID vaccines work.

Day 123

I'm grateful for having fun at work. The cadets had an assignment to create a god or goddess so I joined the fun and did the assignment as well. Was a nice little distraction.. 

Day 122

Today was an odd day. Jerry has a low blood sugar incident. Like no other one. After he was back up to normal he was exhausted and napped most of the day. He did rude with me to CVS and Jersey Mike's to pick up RXs and lunch. I'm proud of myself, I went into the restaurant all alone to pick up our order. Not one but of anxiety. Okay, maybe after I did it... But still, I did it. I need to keep some things on hand for those emergency low sugar episodes, I'm grateful for my "take over, get him better" more. I haven't seen that side of me in awhile. I grateful he is okay now too. 

Day 120 & 121

120: I napped for 3 hours after work. Can you even call that a nap or is it just sleeping? I'm grateful that I can do that.  121: I'm grateful for a partner who helps me do take, even when I don't want to do them. Today we roasted corn, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Veggies prep palooza! 

Day 119

I'm tired. It's Friday Eve, and NFL Draft night. Jerry is excited about watching the draft. I'm excited about the wings he is cooking me. 😂 Today, I'm grateful for knowing that after tomorrow it will be the weekend. I don't want to be a slug but I want to be a slug. Sleep..I love sleep.