Rock you like a Hurrycane...

This thing has been my companion for the weekend. I have been feeling very unsteady for awhile and decided it was time to break out the Hurrycane. I hate it and love it at the same time. It definitely gives me some stability while walking though.  I don't know what's going on. If it's a vitamin deficiency, or my Hashimotos flaring? I go for an appointment in June for my 6 month check up.  It seems like ever since my nephrectomy my health is not where it should be. It will be 4 years on May 31st...*sigh* I just want to feel better. 

Happy Easter


Easter weekend brain dump...

       Four-day weekend.  Just what I needed.  Work is tough this year.  I'm the only staff interpreter on the campus; we have a revolving door of agency interpreters covering the other two classes.  One of the teachers did give me a great compliment last week, saying that I was a great interpreter and that they loved the fact that I connected to the school on a team basis. But, of course, I do...that's what my job is.  I'm an educational interpreter, so being part of the education team is key.  I get why they said that, though.  The agency interpreters don't have the loyalty that a staff interpreter would.       I am a lapsed Catholic. However, I now see myself as a spiritual being. So why am I mentioning this? Because of Easter?  Yes.  I do believe in the story of Jesus.  But I don't discount other religious figures.  I mean, who am I to judge.  So Easter is a time of renewal, a time of miracles, a time to simply be the best person I can be in the world.  I know I

so yeah....

Last year's grateful post each day was hard to maintain. I tried. I am grateful for each and every day I'm in alive. I know I need to treat my body better though. I'm not going to make promises I won't keep. This year is about being okay with not being okay. 

Day 309-327

 Holy moly, I'm not doing well with this post per day.   I'm off for the rest of the week for Thanksgiving Break.  This time of year is always a little bitter-sweet as I miss my family, both the dead and the living who have abandoned what it means to be family. Jerry and I will cook for us and that's always a great time.  We enjoy cooking together and we've gotten quite good at it, in my opinion.  The menu is: Turkey, dressing, roasted potatoes, carrots, and beans, hopefully, cranberry from Publix if I put in the order and actually get it, and a mini Klondike bar for dessert.   My mouth is drooling as I type this.  So what am I grateful for....Breaks from school, Jerry, Nutmeg, the means to have a nice dinner, we are so fortunate and I know that not everyone is...sometimes I feel guilty...argh...

Day 308

Yesterday was rough. Feeling so much better. Today I'm going to the district building for contract negotiations. I haven't been the best building two for the union. My heart isn't in it. I guess every little bit helps. I'm grateful for feeling better. I was a little scared. I never felt that way before. Jittery, confused, emotional... Not fun. Drink your water! 

Day 298-307

Got my Pixelmas Pixel 6 Pro phone today. It's huge. That's what she said.  I hope a Jerry gets his tomorrow. I had to take the day off as I'm having problems staying hydrated.