Day 14 & 15

Day 14: I really hate when I skip a day. I see it as a failure but I understand. Perfection is an illusion so I'm just going to carry on. So what am I grateful for day 14? Long sleeve pajamas. I often get pulled and it's usually my arm is in hands so long sleeve night shirts, pajamas PJs, whatever... are great for me. Day 15: Today I'm grateful for peanut butter. Quick, easy, and super yummy. During those times when I really can't decide what I want to eat I will have toast with peanut butter. I'll eat it with crackers, bread, apples, celery...there isn't much I won't try with it.  It's my go to staple food. 

Day 13

Most Wednesday nights, Jerry and I head to the kitchen together and cook a spaghetti meal. It's not by scratch or anything fancy, just hanging out in the kitchen cracking the same jokes as the week before. So today, I am grateful for Spaghetti Wednesdays. 🍝

Day 12

I really haven't gone anywhere since March. That means my car has been sitting quite a bit. The first time I'm guessing was in a late April and the battery was dead. No worries. Just jumped it and it was fine. We then started starting a car at least once a week to make sure that the battery would charge. And then once a week wasn't enough. I ended up having to start my car everyday otherwise it would be dead. So this morning we woke up before work and took my car to the shop. I'm going to get the whole shebang done battery oil change, yada yada yada.... So today I'm grateful that we have the means to keep our cars in good condition. I think I'm going to start taking Sunday drives or something to keep the car running. Also it gets me out of the house.

Day 11

It's been a difficult week with the increase of COVID cases in our country as well as the seditious act on the 6th that took place at the Capitol in DC. So today I'm most grateful for a like minded husband who tolerates my rants many political questions, and sudden sob sessions. I feel very fortunate that I have someone to talk to about all of this. Sure...I tweet but I feel like that's an empty void at times. I think 80% of my followers are probably bots. 😂

Day 10

Gluten Free Pancakes!! That's right I'm grateful for pancakes. Having to go gluten free because of my Hashimoto's can be frustrating at times. Those darn commercials for stuff crust pizzas make me sad. A local restaurant has a great gluten free friendly menu and on that menu are ✨ gluten free pancakes! 🥞  They are delicious and I have no clue if they taste close to regular pancakes but I think they are delicious. ...and that's what is important. 

Day 9

Today I'm grateful for our local farms delivery. Every week we receive a bag full of veggies, 2 dozen eggs, and once a month a box full of meat products. We have been enjoying the fresh foods and love that it's a sourced from local are farms. 

Day 8

I'm grateful that I can work from home. I am not feeling well today so working from home was a huge plus. I didn't have to take a day off, I could manage what's going on and still attend all the classes to interpret for the student.