Day 206

Today I'm grateful for do nothing Sundays!

Day 202, 203, 204, and 205

202: Jerry went to work today nso I had the while house to myself. I missed his "noise." I'm grateful for the everyday sounds of living with Jerry. 203: Random contractor calls can throw a link into my routine but thankfully I rolled with it. I'm grateful that some days I'm easy going.  204: I'm thankful that I dona good job of keeping up with my health appointments. Today was an Ultrasound of my kidney and "Martha hole" to make sure things are going well.  205: I'm grateful for online shopping and delivery. Keeps me safe and helps my knee heal. 

Day 201

Today I'm grateful for pizza delivery. I took a nap and Jerry let me sleep longer than I thought I would do instead of walking me up to cook he ordered pizza. I'm spoiled. 😍

Day 200

Today, I won. I had to call CVS nexuses I am about to run out of one of my medicines. When I picked it up last month I didn't notice they charged me for 3 months but only handed me one month. After several times of me saying,".. But I paid for 3 months but only got one month." The pharmacist said they would check to see how many boxes were scanned and handed to me and call me back. About 20 minutes later they called and said that I was right and they owed me 2 months off medicine. I'm grateful for technology that tracks exactly what was released all I didn't have to pay out of pocket for medicine. 

Day 196, 197, 198, & 199

Last week we had the plumbing redone in our house. The water pressure is amazing now. We also got the walkway and some landscaping done at the front of the house. I'm grateful for the means we have to do these projects. Did I mention the water pressure? Oh yeah...and the plumber cleaned the rain shower head. SO GOOD! 💧🌧️

Day 195

 I'm grateful for running water and the ability to use our bathrooms again in the house.  After 9 hours of plumbing work, it was nice to use the facilities in our own home.  Jerry and I went to Firehouse to relieve ourselves at lunch and I popped into the restroom while getting another mammogram picture done of my left breast.  Good news there is nothing has changed since last year so only the annual visit next year!