Day 59 & 60

Hmm...I thought I was consistently posting and then I miss a day. So for day 59...I'm grateful for washing machines. I can't even imagine doing laundry by hand.  So for day 60, I'm grateful for dryers. Not only are they awesome for drying wet clothes, the are wonderful at heading up shirts and making them cozy. 

Day 58

Saturday has become my favorite day of the week. Yes, I'm home all the time but on Saturday I can sleep in and do what I want. Work has been becoming a bit much. Sitting with a camera on constantly takes a toll. Anyway...back to Saturdays. A full day of just being me. Hanging out with Jerry and Nutmeg. It's the best! So that's my official grateful thing for today. ☺️

Day 57

I'm not feeling happy today. I just want to sleep. So today I'm grateful that my partner supports my decision to head to bed at 7pm. I sad a nap but it will probably be all night. 

Day 56

I'm grateful for fish and tater tots!! One of my favorite quick meals. I'm that kid that loved fish sticks, so this is right up my alley. 

Day 55 much to be grateful for but specifically today?  My life. I'm not talking about the heart beating, blood rushing through vessels, breathing kind of life, I'm talking about my past experiences. I have had so many. Today someone on TikTok posted a "Tell me you were in marching band, with out telling me you were in marching band..." Of course I did a duet. It got me thinking about all the wonderful people and experiences that I had just because I was in Marching band. In high school we travelled to Disney World. In college...well....SO many experiences. I wouldn't trade those memories and experiences at all. Even the hard/rough/sad ones.  So yeah, I'm grateful for marching band and all it's done in shaping the person that I am.   

Day 52, 53, & 54

Day 52: I'm grateful that I can sleep in until noon. No judgement from Jerry, just peaceful sleep. Day 53: I'm grateful for yummy Everything Bagel seasoning. A new discovery for me and so young on eggs, chicken...Can't wait to try it other places. Day 54: I'm grateful I'm still working from home. I'm feeling anxious about COVID right now. More people I know are getting sick. I was feeling pretty lucky that it was away from my bubbles of people. Also, in having insomnia as I post at 3am... So getting up at the last minute to work is a bonus!!

Day 51

This morning was lazy and wonderful. Jerry went and got a haircut, double masked of course. Then he wanted to try a reverse omelette that he has seen on TikTok. So after he made his and having a taste, I made my own. I mentioned the veggies from local farms, I forgot to say we also get our eggs. Getting eggs delivered each week has been the best. The pandemic has been hard and Local Fare Jax has been a blessing. I'm grateful for the fresh goodies we get each week.