Day 171

It's Father's day today. I miss mine. Playing "guys", admitting I took the car or before I had my licence and him calling me Barney Oldfield, sailing, trimming the disco tree, playing video games, the Timex Sinclair, the Mac and "Welcome to Mario" tong game that always popped up even when he didn't start it, going to his school to hang out at football games, watching him lead the band in parades, going to the symphony to hear him play the oboe, sailing, the great Christmas light decoration war at the cottage, watching him help build a house, talking about gadgets, Xena Warrior Princess, the way he always purposefully said the wrong names of tv shows (ex. Slugged by an Angel), Seawart, Thanksgiving dressing.... So many memories. I'm grateful that you were my dad! ♥️

Day 170

Out and about today. Did a little better. Need to keep moving. Grateful for shopping carts that can aid in balance and steadiness. 

Day 168 & 169

168: I'm grateful for video games. Miitopia on my Nintendo Switch had me amused right now.  169: I'm grateful for naps. Feeling a little meh. 

Day 167

I'm grateful for pajama days.  

Day 164, 165 & 166

164: I'm exhausted and sore from that little outing. I'm grateful that I'm alive and honestly that is enough some days. 165: OMG home made stew is so yummy. I even added some peas. Lasuer of course. I'm grateful that we are able to cook delicious meals full of food nutrients.  166: I didn't get any sleep last night. Nutmeg kept nagging me to go back to bed when I finally got up after hours of tossing and turning. My throat is raw from post nasal drip. So what am I grateful for on this sleepy, grumpy morning? That it is summer break and I can nap later if I need to although I'm going to try to stay awake so I sleep well tonight. 

Day 163

Holy outta shape, Batman! Today we headed to Publix Liquor and then the grocery. We didn't need to shop, the point was to get me walking. Walking with a biggy sounds like a good way to ease into being mobile. Did kinda okay at the liquor store but had to sit for a moment before headwind into the grocery store. We picked up a few things, coffee creamer was a must get item. I really thought I would be able to walk the whole store. NOPE! Jerry says I shouldn't best myself up about my lack of stamina bit to work on it. So today I'm grateful that I was able to take a small step to better health.